Taber Law Group maintains a blog in each of its areas of practice.  In addition, Taber Law Group sends out a newsletter summarizing recent news articles about each of its practice areas. If you would like to be notified when the blog is updated, please click on the blog below and then click on subscribe.

Aviation and Airport Development Law Blog

The Aviation and Airport Development Law Blog covers current issues arising in the aviation world and how they affect the legal rights, liabilities and risks of the stakeholders in that world.  Sometimes the articles are long, such when dealing with aircraft emissions of greenhouse gases, sometimes they are short, intending to notify the reading public of new issues.

Environmental Law and Climate Change Law Blog

This blog evolved from a “forum” of Founder Steven M. Taber’a seminal Environmental Law website back in 1995 (  This blog covers all things related to environmental law and climate change law.  Although the focus is primarily on federal environmental law, state environmental law, particularly California, Illinois, Texas and Florida also make appearances.  One of the most popular features is the U.S. Environmental Law at a Glance.

Environmental Issues in Transportation Blog

Taber Law Group recognized a need to start a blog that focused on the environmental issues confronted by the transportation sector of American industry.  From NEPA issues in highway construction to the “Clean Trucks” program of the Port of Los Angeles, from airports to high-speed rail, this blog covers it all.

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