Firm Overview

The Taber Law Group was founded on the premise that clients should be able to find proven, top-quality outside counsel in a more cost- effective setting. We provide the same high quality environmental aviation and airport development legal services as larger firms at lower and more flexible rates, with more personal service, and with fewer conflicts of interest.

Although Taber Law Group is new, its attorneys have practiced environmental, aviation and airport development law for over 23 years, including a large law firm, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Illinois Attorney General’s office. During that time firm hourly rates passed  $300 per hour mark, making it difficult or impossible to practice cost-efficient law. At the same time, environmental liability, and risks and liability associated with running an airport have increased exponentially. On July 1, 2010, Steven M. Taber founded Taber Law Group to provide cost-efficient, top-quality service to environmental, aviation and airport clients.


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