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The Taber Law Group, P.C., was founded on the premise that clients should be able to find proven, top-quality counsel in a more cost-effective setting. We provide the same high quality aviation, airport development, land use and environmental legal services as larger firms at lower and more flexible rates, with more personal service, and with fewer conflicts of interest.

Although Taber Law Group P.C. is just several years old, Owner & Founder, Steven M. Taber, has practiced environmental, land use, aviation and airport development law for over 25 years, including at a large law firm, at the Federal Aviation Administration, and in the Environmental Enforcement Division of the Illinois Attorney General’s office. With the increase in hourly rates at law firms to make up for increased overhead expenses, it has become increasingly difficult or impossible for clients to obtain cost-efficient legal representation. At the same time, environmental liability, and risks and liability associated with airports have increased exponentially. On July 1, 2010, Steven M. Taber founded Taber Law Group P.C. to provide cost-efficient, top-quality service to clients.

Our clients include, among others: community groups, residents, and businesses affected by aircraft noise and other pollution; FBO’s at airports who have issues with airport management or other airport users; pilots who are contesting certificate actions brought by the FAA; and companies who are seeking exemptions from the FAA for flying drones commercially.  Steven M. Taber is a Panel Attorney for Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Legal Services Plan.

Recent News

  • Taber Law Group, P.C., on behalf of its clients, Benedict Hill Homeowners Association and Benedict Hills Estates Association, filed a comment letter on the FAA’s Draft Environmental Assessment for the Southern California Metroplex Project. The letter stated that due to an increase in air traffic, substantial numbers of aircraft are flying over Benedict Hills and Canyon. Although the issue could be rectified through a RNAV departure procedure that follows the Ventura Freeway, that was not included as part of the Southern California Metroplex.
  • Taber Law Group, P.C., on behalf of its client, AirFair, Inc., filed a comment letter regarding the Federal Aviation Administration’s Draft Environmental Assessment for the Southern California Metroplex Project. The letter pointed out substantial flaws in the FAA’s methodology and procedures in arriving at the conclusion that there would be no significant environmental impact on noise sensitive areas. In light of the D.C. Circuit’s decision in Helicopter Association International the FAA should consider other supplemental metrics in determining whether communities are impacted by aircraft noise.
  • Taber Law Group, P.C., on behalf of its client, filed an extensive comment letter on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule and advanced notice of proposed rulemaking concerning the EPA’s proposed endangerment finding that greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft cause or contribute to air pollution that may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public health and welfare. The letter expressed the opinion that the EPA should proceed with proposing rules that would regulate greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft irrespective of what occurs with the International Civil Aviation Organization.
  • Steven M. Taber, founder and principal of Taber Law Group, P.C.,  spoke at the University of Michigan Professionals meeting in Santa Ana, CA on May 13, 2015 on “The Restrictions at John Wayne Airport (in Orange County, CA) and How They Affect the Flying Public.” As many people in Orange County know, there are certain restrictions under which John Wayne Airport in Orange County operates. These restrictions were recently updated and reaffirmed in late 2014. As the attorney for one of the parties to the recent negotiations, Mr. Taber has intimate knowledge of the restrictions and how they came to be. To view his presentation, click here
  • Taber Law Group, P.C., on behalf of its clients filed its Opening Brief in U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in the case Avery Park LLC et al. v. FAA et al. regarding the FAA’s failure to require that the City of Atlanta carry-out its federally-mandated Noise Compatibility Program at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport.
  • Steven M. Taber, founder and principal of Taber Law Group, P.C., was a panelist at the University of California – Davis’ Symposium on Aviation Noise & Air Quality regarding the FAA’s use of Categorical Exclusions in developing Performance Based Navigation flight paths in general, and the FAA’s intended use of what is called “CatEx 2” from the FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2012. Click here for FAA’s Presentation on implementation of CatEx 2.